August Goals


"Whaaaaaatttttt???!!", said in the voice of Leeland Lee Lynn (From my favorite SNL skit, Pageant Talk with Gene) It's August?!? It's been a whirlwind in every since of the word the past couples of months. By now, my new branding is complete and the finishing touches are all that's left. Whoohoo! By the way, if you are thinking of rebranding, do yourself a favor and get in touch with the folks at Brilliant Creative. Although I didn't blog about July's Goals, I did jot a few down in my journal that I would like to carry into August.

  • Be intentional to find and continue to put myself in situations that stir my affections for the Lord. The first time I heard the question "What stirs your affections for the Lord?", it really made me think. Initially, my mind went to all the basic answers... reading my Bible, going to church, etc. but upon further investigation, it's so much more than that. For me, I've learned that being surrounded by the Lord's creation (the further out in "the-middle-of-no-where", the better) makes my heart come alive. A couple other things are cooking and working-out.

  • Be more intentional in how I steward my body. Part 1: What I eat and serve my family to eat. This is important for all sorts of reasons. For me, going to the grocery store is my most dreaded chore. I've been reading and working toward a perspective change. To see cooking and serving as a means to bless and bring together. Not a hassle and time-consuming.
  • Be more intentional in how I steward my body. Part 2: In staying active and healthy Another thing that really stirs my affections in cranking up the worship music and hitting a near by trail. Running clears my mind and refocuses my worship to the Lord. It's so funny how quickly I forget how much I enjoy this simple thing. Running gets put on the back-burner pretty quickly when I'm feeling overwhelmed. But on those days that I take time out to practice being a good steward of my body, I am so much more productive!
  • Be more intentional in how I steward my body. Part 3: In what I choose to put in my mind When I have an extra 15 minutes here or there, my first impulse is to pick up my phone and go through all my social media outlets. This isn't a bad thing, but knowing myself, I need to practice wisdom. When my heart isn't secure in my identity in Christ, it's easy for me to go through a range of emotions that aren't anchored in Truth. From envy, to stressed, to fill-in-the-blank.