Anna & Roberto // Fort Worth Wedding Photography


The perfect October day. Pumpkins galore. Two genuine souls. The perfect ingredients for a very special wedding day. Anna & Roberto, it was a privilege to be a small part of your day. My sincerest thanks for allowing me to take part!

Roberto&Anna_0001 Roberto&Anna_0002 Roberto&Anna_0003 Roberto&Anna_0004 Roberto&Anna_0005 Roberto&Anna_0006 Roberto&Anna_0007 Roberto&Anna_0008 Roberto&Anna_0009 Roberto&Anna_0010 Roberto&Anna_0014 Roberto&Anna_0012 Roberto&Anna_0013 Roberto&Anna_0015 Roberto&Anna_0016 Roberto&Anna_0017Roberto&Anna_0018 Roberto&Anna_0019 Roberto&Anna_0020 Roberto&Anna_0021 Roberto&Anna_0022Roberto&Anna_0025 Roberto&Anna_0024 Roberto&Anna_0026 Roberto&Anna_0027 Roberto&Anna_0028 Roberto&Anna_0029 Roberto&Anna_0030 Roberto&Anna_0031 Roberto&Anna_0032 Roberto&Anna_0033 Roberto&Anna_0034 Roberto&Anna_0035 Roberto&Anna_0036 Roberto&Anna_0037 Roberto&Anna_0038 Roberto&Anna_0039

Roberto&Anna_0041 Thanks so much to the lovely Sarah Carpenter for second shooting!