Alan & Irene : Southlake Wedding Photography

alan&Irene_0001 It was such a joy to serve these two! Alan is the class clown, always trying to get a laugh and Irene has a sweet and gentle spirit to even him out. :) Most of their family and friends traveled to Texas to celebrate Alan & Irene's union and they brought the party with them! alan&Irene_0002alan&Irene_0003alan&Irene_0004alan&Irene_0005alan&Irene_0006alan&Irene_0007alan&Irene_0008alan&Irene_0010alan&Irene_0011alan&Irene_0012alan&Irene_0013alan&Irene_0014alan&Irene_0015alan&Irene_0016alan&Irene_0017alan&Irene_0018

Thank you so much to Kelsey Lemons for second shooting!