Adam & Meg : Phoenix Engagement Photographer

Anyone that knows Adam and Meg knows that they are two of the most tender-hearted, caring, loving people out there. So we all rejoiced when they found each other. I first met Adam in 2004, and met my husband, Matt through him! I heard so much about Meg before I ever met her and especially kept hearing how perfect she was for Adam. When I finally got to meet Meg is person, I was caught-off guard with how intentional she was. Meg desires to know people deeply and invests in relationships. Adam and Meg, I can't even begin to explain how much joy it brought me to adventure around AZ with you. I got to witness a really special kind of love during our time together and it made me extremely grateful to call you friends. Thank you for trusting me and being brave in front of my camera.


Adam designed Meg's ring using a stone given to him by his mother. Sapphire (Meg's mother's birthstone) frame the ring and curve around the sides of the band.